• East European Shepherd review by K9 SOLUTIONS from Cyprus


    As a breeder of German Shepherds and a dog trainer and behaviourist of all breeds I thought I’d dealt with most breeds of dog. So when I got a call to ask if I’d kennel and train up an East European Shepherd I was baffled. I’d never actually heard of this breed!! A quick Google search gave me the information I needed and I was really looking forward to meeting the dog and working with a breed I’d never worked with before. Obviously I didn’t know what to expect temperament or trainability wise and was excited about the challenge.

    Caesar arrived a few days later and at only 5 months of age he was already only just smaller than my male Rottweiler. But he was a gentle, quiet boy and I fell in love with him at first sight! Over the past few months I’ve worked with him constantly, training and socializing. He has been nothing but a pleasure. He’s such a funny guy, always fooling around, but he’s also smart and he’s very affectionate.

    Caesar is now 8 months old and towers over all of my dogs but his temperament has remained sweet. He has proven very easy to train because all he wants to do is please me, he is obedient, loyal and great with my other animals. I have never seen a flicker of aggression in this dog, his temperament is solid. But his gentle character is only with people he knows. He will always bark if he sees a strange car pass by the house or if somebody he doesn’t know walks by. A few weeks ago I was walking him down a very quiet track when suddenly a man appeared ahead of us with a hammer in his hand. Cyprus has a very low crime rate so I wasn’t overly concerned but I did, none the less, pull Caesar into a heel position on a short leash. However, when I looked down at him he had already spotted the guy for himself and had obviously realized he could be a threat. He had puffed himself out and was staring, unblinking, at him. He never growled or barked at him but watched the guy continuously, pulling towards him, until he’d passed us and was out of sight. The guy was so worried that he actually crossed to the other side of the path! I’ve never felt safer. And he was only 7 months old then!

    In summary, if Caesar is typical of the East European Shepherd breed then I am sold. His temperament is solid, his trainability is high, his guard and protection instincts are natural and his character is fabulous. And, maybe most importantly, he is a healthy dog. He has good bone, a level back and strong hips and its lovely to see a dog being bred for working qualities such as size, strength and intelligence instead of spoiling a breed for the showring. One day I would love to add the East European Shepherd to my kennel!!

    Lindsay Cowie
    K9 Solutions / Sultan Security Dogs / Sultan German Shepherds
    Facebook: Lindsay Cowie Dog-Training