Caesar has a rock solid temperament and my training has enhanced it. My methods are gentle and encouraging, rather than punishment related and forceful. I want the dogs that I train to WANT to obey me because they’re happy to please me, not to obey me because they’re worried about what might happen if they don’t. As well as this he’s already 50 kilos, so if you don’t have control of him verbally, there’s probably very little chance that you’ll control him physically if he doesn’t respect you. Through a consistent program of training and expecting a very high standard of good manners from him at all times we have produced a dog who is polite and obedient. Its very important that you maintain these rules when he gets to you and expect the same level of manners because this will slip if not kept in check. When he went to Paphiakos for the 3 weeks over Christmas he came back to me jumping up and pulling on his lead because the staff obviously hadn’t maintained his manners as strictly as I do. It only took me one day to get him back to how I wanted him, but it just goes to show how quickly they can forget their manners and training when allowed to get away with stuff.

    Because of this Caesar rarely needs any harsh tones of voice and definitely never needs any physical punishment. 95% of his training and the commands you give him are in your own normal, neutral tone of voice. The only time that I ever have to shout at him is if he’s ignored the first normal request, and then the second sterner request. Then I will sound sharp to him to show him that he’s pushing his luck and he will immediately respond. However, this rarely happens because he WANTS to please me and obey me.

    Because of this, if ever he is in trouble it really upsets him so be very careful that you don’t apply any heavy handling or loud shouting voices to him while working with him. This will just upset him and make him do the opposite of what you want and could make him afraid of you, because he’s never had this kind of handling before. Stay rewarding and supportive of him when he’s obeying you so that he understands he’s doing a good job and is pleasing you. Caesar is now never trained with food, the pleasure of doing a good job, and the occasional throw of a tennis ball is all he needs.

    Caesar is a really playful guy. He loves a good toy fight but understands the difference between rough play and obedience, so as soon as he’s told to stop (if he’s getting a bit rough or over excited) then he will. He also understands that rough, toy fight kind of play is by invitation only so he won’t just suddenly jump on you for no reason, he will wait until you give him a push or tease him before he starts to toy fight. Balls are his favorite thing. Footballs, tennis balls, ANY kind of ball!! All of the expensive rubber toys that you bought for him just remained sat on the floor being ignored, but the footballs I gave him he played with endlessly (and trashed them within two days!!). He likes to carry a tennis ball on his walks with him and if he doesn’t have a tennis ball he will often pick up a stone instead so be sure that he has plenty of balls in case carrying the stones damage his teeth.

    Caesar is very used to following and staying with his pack as I rarely walk him on lead here so he should be fine if you wanted to take him hunting, but he does have a high prey / chase drive so you would have to put some work in in your specific environment to show him what is acceptable to chase and what isn’t. Please note that he doesn’t actually attack anything he chases, he just likes the chase!

    Caesar is a chewer so be sure to give him things he’s allowed to chew or he’ll wreck stuff. He chewed a hole in the wooden floor of one of my kennels overnight!! So now he has big branches in his pen, footballs and rawhide bones to keep his jaws busy and I’ve had no problems since.

    I have never seen any form of aggression in Caesar at all. He has met dogs of all shapes and sizes, my cat, children, strangers. He loves everybody and his temperament is bomb proof and very reliable. However, he needs to be careful around smaller animals because he can possibly hurt them by mistake trying to play with them. This happened with my cat. He ran over and pawed at my cat, trying to make him play, my cat gave him a bat around the nose to warn him he was being too rough and he backed off and came back to him quieter and calmer so he is very responsive once told, but sometimes his excitement gets the better of him.

    Caesar is an excellent guard. Despite loving everybody when he’s out of his kennel and I’m there, when he’s in his kennel or I’m not around he will bark and alert to danger until I tell him its OK. And he has a VERY impressive bark!! Here I tell him good boy when he’s alerted me to something good such as a car passing by the house or a person walking past, but then tell him ‘enough’ if its something silly like a cat or something that he’s been barking at for ages and I’ve already told him is OK. Be prepared for him to be quiet for the first few weeks though. He won’t start to protect your property until he thinks its HIS territory and this can take some time until he feels settled and protective of it.

    In summary Caesar is my dream dog! His temperament is perfect, his character is sweet and loving and trustworthy and he has been nothing but an absolute joy to have around and train. I’m going to miss him so much and he’s going to leave a big hole in my kennel. Take care of him and please keep me updated on his progress when you have time.

    Lindsay Cowie
    K9 Solutions / Sultan Security Dogs / Sultan German Shepherds
    Facebook: Lindsay Cowie Dog-Training