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Thread: Why East European Shepherd?

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    Why East European Shepherd?

    Main futures of East European Shepherd dog breed are:

    1. Stamina.
    a. Capable to work at -40C on the snow and plus 50C under the sun.
    b. Able to run 20Km none-stop.

    2. Health
    a. Pure breeds rarely have any skeleton abnormalities, such as dysplasia.
    b. They capable of hard work, as well as able to sleep all day to rest after, to recover top notch.
    c. Their digest system is capable to process anything eatable from row vegetables to row bones and to get the most out of it.

    3. Common behavior.
    a. Confident and down to earth. Breed to protect/guard, not to attack/fight. Very defensive. High respect to humans, have to be real and extreme threat to get bitten. Most likely EES will not go for human flash, but will overpower by taking the intruder down and step on it with 40-60 kg on the intruder chest.
    b. Curios to other dogs, but usually ignoring.
    c. Silent while guarding, always relying on handler decision.
    More to add, but above is a main target qualities of the Breed. And the ones which have been achieved in developing the breed. God knows how much money Commies through at this, but they did achieve the target in developing their own super-dog.

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